Vose Software

Vose Software are recognized as leaders in quantitative risk analysis software, and provide clients with tools developed from a practitioner’s perspective of solving real-world risk analysis problems. Packages include Tamara Project Risk, Pelican, StopRisk and ModelRisk.

“In an ideal world, what would we (as risk analysts) like to see as capabilities, features and interfaces in risk analysis software?”

ModelRisk is a complete risk and statistical environment that runs seamlessly in Excel and the Cloud. ModelRisk has a powerful simulation and optimization engine that runs stand-alone or in combination with any Monte Carlo spreadsheet simulation package. This means that you can  make full use of sophisticated financial tools  to run simulations, perform statistical analysis on results and produce high quality reporting graphics, as well as making full use of features like sensitivity analysis and optimization.

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Picture of Vose ModelRisk Complete (Annual Subscription)

Vose ModelRisk Complete (Annual Subscription)

ModelRisk Industrial is an Excel-based risk analysis, simulation and optimization tool that allows users to build dynamic business and finance models / applications that incorporate advanced risk analysis techniques and live data using data-objects. Includes Data Objects, Application Developer Kit, Advanced Finance and Insurance Functions, 1st year maintenance & OptQuest Optimization

$711.00 per 1 year(s)