How to buy software and services online



Shopping Cart (1-2)

Select and review items for purchase. If you have questions, please call us at 1-888-879-8440.


Payments and Processing (3-5)

Technology Partnerz Analytics Store offers two payment methods for your security and convenience : Credit Card (Visa / MC) and Paypal (AMEX, Discover, JCB, Diners, Bank Account...). If you want to pay by PO/Cheque, please call 1-888-879-8440 x101.

All prices are in US Dollars.

Electronic Download and Delivery (6)

Once available, Purchase License keys can be obtained in the My Orders section.

Downloads are available

Most packages that are available for sale can be obtained from the downloads section prior to placing an order. When an order is placed, the installation files are made available for download via you store account.

Licenses are delivered to you directly from the software vendor via e-mail. Technology Partnerz will ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible during the license delivery period by obtaining fully functional trial licences on your behalf.


Downloads are not available

If the package is not available for download, a trial may be requested by email prior to purchase ([email protected]). When an order is placed, an email stating how and where the software can be downloaded will be sent.

Licenses are delivered to you directly from the software vendor via e-mail. Technology Partnerz will ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible during the license delivery period by obtaining, when possible, fully functional trial licences on your behalf.


Support (7)

Technology Partnerz - Crystal Ball Services practice provides several support options, including:

  • User Forum: Ask questions and submit modeling problems for free on-line support from our community of experts.
  • The Quick Question: For small questions, our consultants can provide free phone and e-mail support.
  • Remote Consulting/Training: When you need more than a simple answer, our consultants can work side by side with you, when you need it.

Other Questions you might be asking

Will I get a better price elsewhere on analytics packages such as Crystal Ball, @Risk or ModelRisk?

Probably Not. TP Analytics Services' pricing is the same (and mostly lower) as its vendors. However, we continuously work with our vendors to offer sales and promotions our products.  To be informed of our offers, please register on-line.

Plus, as a client of Technology Partnerz, you can call us any time for quick questions and free Level 1 support. For tougher problems, we have remote consulting packages to fit your needs.

How do I get my software after I make my purchase?

To get started you need to download the software from our downloads section. When the software is installed, you must update the licence information using the License Manager using a code that will be delivered by e-mail.
All software tools and manuals are in electronic form. Supplementary material is also available in our downloads section.

What's Software Maintenance?

Vendors provide support contracts, which is also known as maintenance. Some vendors will charge you an additional fee, while others will include it for the first year. Maintenance is an important consideration because it enables you to get software updates and technical support to ensure you always have the latest and greatest..

Do we accept major credit cards?

YES, Visa / Master-Card/AMEX. You can pay with other types of credit cards (such as Discover, Diners Club...), but you will need to check out using PayPal.

Do I need PayPal account to purchase on-line?

No. Technology Partnerz provides credit card payment options for VISA/MC. PayPal is useful if you want to pay with any other major credit card (AMEX, DISCOVER, ... ) without creating an account.

Do I have to create an account and log in?

No. If you have a login, the shopping cart forms will auto-fill with your profile information. If you don't have a log-in account, one will be created during the check out process.

Is buying software and services on-line safe?

YES. Technology Partnerz combines several strategies to ensure your safety on-line.
Firstly, our site is secured by a 128bit Comodo SSL certificate, therefore any information entered into any portion of the site is secure. As a secondary option to ensure that our clients expose the least amount of sensitive financial information such as credit cards and adresses, we also offer PayPal merchant services to ensure the highest degree of safety for our clients.
Sensitive information such as credit card numbers and payment details are destroyed after the order is processed.


Who can I call if I need help?

We are committed to helping you pick the right tools for your analytical needs. Our people are available between 8am and 6pm EST, Monday to Fridays via  phone (1-888-879-8440) and e-mail

How do I change my e-mail address or password?

To change your email address or password, log in with your current email address and password and click on *YourUsername in the upper right hand corner under the search box.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?

Click Log In in the upper right corner. Enter your email address. Then, click Forget Your Password? at the bottom of the Login screen. Enter your email in the next screen and a new password will be emailed to you.