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SimWrapper Professional

SimWrapperTM is a GUI based version of the popular optimization package OptQuest. It easily integrates with your simulation models (in R, Python, Matlab, Julia,...) and provides an intuitive user interface for simulation, optimization and analysis.
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Products specifications
Available for MacYes
Requires other Software?R, Python, Julia, Matlab, Octave
Scripting SupportBuilt In
SimulationMonte Carlo
CSV SupportYes
Monte Carlo SamplingYes
Sensitivity AnalysisYes
Probability calculations functionsYes
Multi-Core SupportUp to 20
Example ModelsYes
Network Licensing AvailableYes
Linear Optimization MethodsYes
Non-Linear Optimization MethodsYes
Requirements / Soft Constraintsyes
Max RequirementsUnlimited
Max Decision Variables1000
Solution Filteringyes
Efficient Frontieryes
Scenario Analysis Supportyes
Genetic Algorithimsyes
Ranges for Decision Variablesyes
Main Solver EngineOptQuest
Optimize multiple statisticsAs defined in your script
Optimization Goal TypesMinimize & Maximize
Static Optimization Supportyes
Dynamic Optimization Supportno
Stochastic Optimization Supportyes
Multiple Linear RegressionYes
Visualize Simulated OutputYes
Error MeasuresYes
Interface with your model through any executable (Java, C++, C#, Python, Perl, R, etc.)yes
Sample code in Java, Python, Ryes
Decision Variable TypesContinuous, Integer, Discrete, Binary, Location Type Variables
Multi-Objective Optimizationyes
External Samplingyes
Influential Variable Analysisyes
Good and Bad Region Analysisyes
Solution Filtering for Analysisyes
CART Tree Analysisyes
Batch Run Capabilityyes
Design of Experiments Capabilityyes
Continue a saved optimization at a later timeyes
Results Plotting Capability3D Plotting Features
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