Schedule Inspector


Barbecana's Schedule Inspector™ is an add-in to Microsoft Project (2007 and above) that helps improve the quality of schedules by checking for typical errors and the use of scheduling best practices.

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Schedule Inspector is highly customizable. You need perform only those tests you think are appropriate to your circumstances, and most tests can be customized. Results are displayed color-coded on screen and can also be printed. Offending tasks can also be automatically flagged in Project so that the user can fix the problems.

  • Choose which of the 30 customizable tests you want to perform.
  • Baseline execution index (DCMA metric # 14)
  • Baseline duration exceeds threshold (DCMA metric # 8)
  • Critical path length index (DCMA metric # 13)
  • Critical path test (DCMA metric # 12; adding threshold does not delay designated finish task)
  • Duplicate task names
  • Finish-Start relationships (DCMA metric # 4)
  • Hard constraints (DCMA metric # 5)
  • Inactive tasks
  • Invalid forecast date(s) (DCMA metric # 9 Part 1)
  • Invalid actual date(s) (DCMA metric # 9 Part 2)
  • Lags bigger than threshold (DCMA metric # 3)
  • Leads bigger than threshold (DCMA metric # 2)
  • LOE tasks on critical path (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • LOE, Summary, Milestone not mutually exclusive (Implied by DCMA Guide)
  • Manually scheduled tasks
  • Milestones with resources
  • Missed tasks (lateness exceeds threshold) (DCMA metric # 11)
  • More than threshold number of predecessors (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • More than threshold number of successors (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • Negative slack exceeds threshold (DCMA metric # 7)
  • No baseline start or finish date (Excluded by most DCMA tests)
  • No predecessors (DCMA metric # 1 Part 1)
  • No successors (DCMA metric # 1 Part 2)
  • No resources (DCMA metric # 10)
  • Out of sequence progress (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • Planning packages before cutoff date (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • Slack exceeds threshold (DCMA metric # 6)
  • Summary tasks with relationships (Preamble to DCMA Guide)
  • Summary tasks with resources
  • Tasks with redundant predecessors
  • Configure settings like whether to require a baseline, which baseline to use, how LoE, planning package, and milestone are defined.
  • Default settings for DCMA and non-DCMA settings.
  • Special DCMA format report.
  • Remembers settings for each project.
  • Click on a test for a list of failing tasks, then fix them or highlight/filter them in Project.
  • Global fixes to some problems.
  • Show critical path to a task other than the logical project finish.
  • Check for redundant relationships.