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Palisade Software

Technology Partnerz Limited is a leading reseller of Palisade's entire product line, including @Risk simulation and decision analysis for Microsoft Excel . Translated into five major languages, @RISK is used by over 150,000 users in more than 100 countries.

By selecting Technology Partnerz as your dedicated Palisade partner, you will receive the highest level of support and expertise for modeling within the Microsoft Excel environment.

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@RISK for Excel 7.x (All Editions)

@RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet—and tells you how likely they are to occur. New in version 7 is the ability to build efficient frontiers, use copulas and a host of usability enhancements.

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DecisionTools Suite 7.x (All Editions)

The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel. The DecisionTools Suite includes @RISK for Monte Carlo simulation, PrecisionTree for decision trees, and TopRank for “what if” sensitivity analysis. In addition, the DecisionTools Suite comes with StatTools for statistical analysis and forecasting, NeuralTools for predictive neural networks, and Evolver and RISKOptimizer for optimization. All programs work together better than ever before, and all integrate completely with Microsoft Excel for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

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Palisade PrecisionTree

Palisade PrecisionTree allows you to visually map out, organize, and analyze  decisions using decision trees, right in Microsoft Excel. Decision trees are quantitative diagrams with nodes and branches representing different possible decision paths and chance events. This helps you identify and calculate the value of all possible alternatives, so you can choose the best option with confidence.

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Palisade StatTools

StatTools covers the most commonly used statistical procedures, and offers unprecedented capabilities for adding new, custom analyses. StatTools replaces Excel’s built-in statistics functions with its own calculations. The accuracy of Excel’s built-in statistics calculations has often been questioned, so StatTools doesn’t use them. All StatTools functions are true Excel functions, and behave exactly as native Excel functions do. Over 30 wide-ranging statistical procedures plus 9 built-in data utilities include forecasts, time series, descriptive statistics, normality tests, group comparisons, correlation, regression analysis, quality control, nonparametric tests, and more.

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Palisade Evolver Optimzation

Evolver is an advanced, yet simple-to-use optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel. Evolver uses innovative genetic algorithm (GA), OptQuest, and linear programming technology to quickly solve problems in finance, distribution, scheduling, resource allocation, manufacturing, budgeting, engineering, and more. Virtually any type of problem that can be modeled in Excel can be solved by Evolver, including otherwise unsolvable, complex nonlinear problems. Evolver has a unique ability arrive at the best overall “global” solution to a problem—solutions traditional solvers typically miss.

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Palisade NeuralTools

NeuralTools is used to make credit lending decisions by predicting the likelihood a new borrower will pay back a loan.  It’s used for reducing transactional risk by identifying bank or credit card transactions likely to be fraudulent.  Call centers use it for staffing strategies by predicting call volumes.  Medical professionals use NeuralTools to diagnose unknown tumors and other ailments. The list is endless!

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