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    Oracle Crystal Ball - EPM Edition

    Oracle Crystal Ball EPM uses the power of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office to access data from your EPM applications, including Hyperion Planning and Essbase directly in Excel to model your risks and predict success. Don'T forget to add optimization and maintenance. All the pieces are right here, just add what you need to the cart.

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    Products specifications
    Min. OS Requirement Windows XP
    Language 7 languages (EN, FR, JP, DE, ES, CN, KR)
    Add-In Requires Excel
    Available for Mac No, requires Parallels Emulation
    Price includes 1st year maintenance No
    Requires other Software? Requires Microsoft Excel to run
    Scripting Support Built In
    Simulation Monte Carlo
    VBA Support Built In
    CSV Support Yes
    XML Support Yes
    Distribution Fitting Built In
    User Defined Distributions Yes
    Distribution Gallery 22 Base distributions + Advanced Custom Parameters
    Monte Carlo Sampling Yes
    Latin HyperCube Sampling Yes
    Process Capability (6 Sigma) Yes
    Sensitivity Analysis Yes
    Tornado Analysis Yes
    Precision Control Yes
    Probability calculations functions Yes
    Correlation Yes
    Correlation Methods Normal Copula Only (Iman- Conover)
    SIP Math Support Crystal Ball is SIPMath compatible because it allows for sequential sampling of datasets (SIPs). SIP Libraries can be exported using a 3rd Party Macro.
    Decision Trees We recommend : Palisade PrecisionTree
    Stats Tools 3rd party option. We recommend Minitab, Analyse-it and Palisade StatsTools
    MS Project Support Requires free Crystal Ball Project Macro to be installed
    Charting Built In
    Charts can be customized Yes
    Automated Reporting Yes
    Multi-Core Support Yes
    Developper Kit Yes
    Example Models Yes
    Network Licensing Available No
    Data Base Integration SmartView interface to connect with Oracle EPM applications such as Hyperion Planning, HSF, Essbaseā€¦
    Supported DBs Standard ODBC sources from Excel + 3rd party connectors
    User Defined Distribution Library Distributions can be generated and saved to shared network drive and can be made available to other Crystal Ball users on the network
    Time Series as distributions Yes
    Time Series Fitting Yes
    Time Series Methods 5 Non-Seasonal Methods + 6 Seasonal Methods, Complete ARIMA (1500 Models) and Stochastic Multiple Linear Regression
    Multiple Linear Regression Stochastic Linear Regression (Forecast Independent Variables and recombine into a simulated dependant variable using the regression equation)
    Seasonal Methods Seasonal Multiplicative, Seasonal Additive, Holt-Winter's Additive, Holt-Winter's Multiplicative, Damped Trend Additive, Damped Trend Multiplicative
    Non-Seasonal Methods Double Moving Average, Single Exponential Smoothing, Double Exponential Smoothing, Single Moving Average, Damped Trend
    GBM Support No
    Cubic Spline For Outlier Adjustments. Option can be set to neighbour interpolation also
    Heteroscedastic Models No
    ARIMA Support Yes, Full ARIMA Model (1331 Non-Seasonal + 27 Seasonal Methods)
    AutoARIMA Yes
    Data Sensoring Outlier Detection Methods: Mean and Standard Deviation, Median Absolute Deviations, Interquartile Deviation
    Time-Series Event Support Yes
    Define Time Series No
    Markov Chains No
    Automatic Data Transform Yes
    Manual Data Transform Methods No
    Manual Deseasonalization No
    Manual Detrending No
    Visualize Simulated Output Yes
    Exception Reporting Yes
    Time Series Scenario Analysis No
    Error Measures RMSE, MSE, MAD, MAPE, Theil's U, Durbin-Watson
    Time Series Fit Criteria BIC, AIC, RMSE, MSE, MAD, MAPE, Theil's U, Durbin-Watson