Minitab Quality Companion 3

Vendor: Minitab

Everything you need to manage your Lean Six Sigma and quality improvement projects in one application.

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Quality Companion Features


All-in-One Project File

Manage all the tools and documents related to your project in a single project file to easily share, review, and archive your work.

Data Sharing

Save time and reduce errors with an integrated collection of tools that allow you to share data throughout your entire project.


Organize your project into phases and create a launch pad for the tools needed for every task. Customize a built-in Roadmap or create your own to reflect how you improve quality.

Project Prioritization

Evaluate potential projects and select ones likely to have the greatest impact based on the metrics you want to influence.

Project Charter

Define the scope of your project and communicate essential information with team members such as roles, constraints, assumptions and other details.

Presentation Manager

Share your progress and success by creating dynamic presentations directly in Quality Companion.



Value Stream Mapping

Establish the flow of materials and information through your organization. Streamline processes to add value that meets customer expectations.

Process Mapping

Construct high-level or detailed flow charts that help you understand and communicate all the activities in a process. Assign variables to each shape and then share them with other tools.

On-demand Coaches

Receive the expert guidance you need to complete every step of your project. Add your own instructions or information to any Coach.

Capture Analysis

Identify and record the important and relevant sections of your Minitab analyses.

Y Metrics Chart

Evaluate the progress of your project over time in relation to its baseline and goal.

C&E (Cause and Effect) Matrix

Save time determining what X variables to address by comparing and evaluating their potential to impact your goal.

FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

Identify the potential causes for a product or process failure, anticipate the resulting effects, and prioritize the actions needed to mitigate them.

SIPOC (Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer) Analysis

Identify every relevant element of your process and refine the scope of complex projects.

Project Risk Assessment

Evaluate whether a potential project can be successfully completed on time.

Financial Analysis

Estimate your project savings and the timeframe for realizing them.

Stakeholder Analysis

Summarize the impact your stakeholders have on your project so you can more effectively leverage their support and address their concerns.

5S Audit

Evaluate process conditions relative to 5S best practices and track the ongoing implementation of 5S improvements and controls.

House of Quality Matrix

Determine which combinations of customer and technical requirements have the most potential for improving products or services.

Pugh Matrix

Compare product design proposals and improvement strategies and determine which ones best fulfill your customer requirements and organizational goals.



You can modify Quality Companion to support and standardize your unique approach to quality improvement.

  • Add your own data categories and fields and easily view and track them throughout your project.
  • Modify any form or create entirely new ones.
  • Customize your tools and save them as templates.