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DecisionTools Suite 8.x (All Editions)

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Products specifications
Linear Optimization Methods - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Non-Linear Optimization Methods - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Requirements / Soft ConstraintsRequires Evolver
Max Requirements - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Max Decision Variables - [ Industrial Edition Only]
PSI supportno
Solution Filtering - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Efficient Frontier - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Scenario Analysis SupportMust be setup as separate submodels using functions. Functions exist to support multiple scenarios and to track results separately
Convergence Testing - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Genetic Algorithims - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Ranges for Decision Variables - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Main Solver EngineRiskOptimizer [Industrial Edition Only]
Optimize multiple statisticsOptimization can be done on 11 different statisics (Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis, Percentile, Min/Max, Mode and Range) [Industrial Edition Only]
Optimization Goal TypesMinimize, Maximize & Set Target [Industrial Edition Only]
Static Optimization Support - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Dynamic Optimization Supportno
Stochastic Optimization Support - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Min. OS RequirementWindows XP
Language6 languages (EN, FR, JP, ES, CN, KR)
Add-InRequires Excel
Available for MacNo, requires Parallels Emulation
Data Base Integration30+ Data Sources with CDATA Connectors
Price includes 1st year maintenanceYes
Requires other Software?Requires Microsoft Excel to run
Scripting SupportBuilt In
SimulationMonte Carlo
Supported DBsStandard ODBC sources from Excel + 3rd party connectors
VBA SupportBuilt In
CSV SupportYes
XML SupportYes
Distribution FittingBuilt In
User Defined Distribution LibraryDistributions can be generated and saved to an SQL or SQL Express DB and can be made available to other @RISK users who have access to the repository
User Defined DistributionsYes
Distribution Gallery48 base distributions (38 Continuous + 10 Discrete) with 20 that can have alternate parameters
Monte Carlo SamplingYes
Latin HyperCube SamplingYes
Process Capability (6 Sigma)Yes
Sensitivity AnalysisYes
Tornado AnalysisYes
Precision ControlYes
Probability calculations functionsYes
Correlation MethodsNormal + Non-Normal Copulas
SIP Math SupportImport/Export using a 3rd Party Macro. Call for more info.
Decision TreesWe recommend : Palisade PrecisionTree
Stats Tools3rd party option. We recommend Minitab, Analyse-it and Palisade StatsTools
MS Project SupportYes
ChartingBuilt In
Charts can be customizedYes
Automated ReportingYes
Multi-Core Support - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Developper KitYes
Example ModelsYes
Network Licensing AvailableYes
Time Series Fitting - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Time Series Methods11 Methods (AutoRegression, GBM, Moving Average) [Industrial Edition Only]
Multiple Linear RegressionProvided using Palisade StatTools
Seasonal MethodsSeasonal ARMA & GBM - [Industrial Edition Only]
Non-Seasonal MethodsAR(1&2), MA(1&2) - [Industrial Edition Only]
GBM SupportUnivariate, Multivariate and Seasonal - [Industrial Edition Only]
Cubic SplineNo
Heteroscedastic ModelsARCH, GARCH11, EGARCH11 and APARCH11 - [Industrial Edition Only]
ARIMA SupportPartial Support for ARMA - [Industrial Edition Only]
Data Sensoring - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Time-Series Event SupportNo
Define Time SeriesAll available methods can be configured manually using parameters - [Industrial Edition Only]
Markov ChainsNo
Automatic Data Transform - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Manual Data Transform Methods - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Manual Deseasonalization - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Manual Detrending - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Visualize Simulated Output - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Exception Reporting - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Time Series Scenario AnalysisNo
Error MeasuresNo
Time Series Fit CriteriaAkaike and Baysean Information Criteria - [ Industrial Edition Only]
Time Series as distributions - [ Industrial Edition Only]
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