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Analytica Optimizer

Analytica Optimizer is the highest edition level of Analytica. In includes all Enterprise features, plus the addition of powerful solver engines.It discovers decision values that minimize or maximize any quantified objective, subject to constraints.Designed with advanced simulation, modeling and optimization capabilities in mind, it allows for powerful decision modeling an analytics. Using a visual modeling approach you can design your own models as well as applications that can be shared with your peers.
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Products specifications
Min. OS RequirementWindows XP
Available for MacNo, requires Parallels Emulation
Price includes 1st year maintenanceYes
Requires other Software?No
Scripting SupportBuilt In
SimulationMonte Carlo
VBA SupportNo
CSV SupportYes
XML SupportYes
User Defined DistributionsYes
Distribution Gallery27 Base Distributions
Monte Carlo SamplingYes
Latin HyperCube SamplingNo
Sensitivity AnalysisYes
Tornado AnalysisNo
Precision ControlYes
Correlation MethodsNormal Copula Only (Iman- Conover)
SIP Math SupportYes
ChartingBuilt In
Charts can be customizedYes
Automated ReportingNo
Multi-Core SupportYes
Developper KitYes
Example ModelsYes
Network Licensing AvailableNo
Data Base IntegrationBuilt In
Integration with other toolsExcel
Supported DBsODBC Sources
User Defined Distribution LibraryNo
Linear Optimization MethodsYes
Non-Linear Optimization MethodsYes
Requirements / Soft Constraints8,000 constraints for LP and convex QP problems and 250 constraints for NLP problems
Max RequirementsUnlimited
Max Decision Variables8,000 variables for LP and convex QP problems and 500 variables for NLP problems.
PSI supportno
Solution Filteringyes
Efficient Frontieryes
Scenario Analysis Supportyes
Convergence Testingyes
Genetic Algorithimsyes
Ranges for Decision Variablesyes
Main Solver EngineOptquest and other available engines XPRESS from FICO, Gurobi, Mosek, KNITRO and OptQuest.
Optimize multiple statisticsyes
Optimization Goal TypesMinimize, Maximize & Set Target
Static Optimization Supportyes
Dynamic Optimization Supportno
Stochastic Optimization Supportyes