Monte-Carlo Simulation + Optimization for Excel 32/64bit


Crystal Ball Example ModelOracle Crystal Ball Suite (Decision Optimizer Edition) is a complete risk analysis and simulation package for Microsoft Excel that enables you to assign probabilities to outcomes and analyze which variables most impact your decision.

Crystal Ball is the easiest way to perform Monte Carlo simulations in your own Excel spreadsheets and models because it automatically calculates thousands of different "what if" cases, saving the inputs and results of each calculation as individual scenarios. Analysis of these scenarios reveals the range of possible outcomes, their probability of occurring, which input has the most effect on your model and where you should focus your efforts.


Discover The Power Of Decision Optimizer

Easily add optimization to your Crystal Ball simulation model

Optimize any forecast or output in your model

  • Build simple or complexe models
  • Example models covers the Portfolio Allocation Model, Productio Optimization, Queuing, Supply Chain Optimization
  • Select optimization objectives from your models forecasts
  • Define requirements for feasible solutions
  • Minimize or maximize any forecast

Use Discreet, Continuous or Custom Variables to test your decisions

Create natural language logical constraints

  • Define or modify upper and lower bounds for each decision varable
  • Ability to set continuous or discreet simulations
  • Create multiple constraints
  • Use of simple operators
  • Natural Language
  • Logic based constraints

Flexible settings and options to ensure optimal results

  • Use both stochastic and deterministic simulation to test your models
  • Run either a set of itereration or time limit for the optimization
  • Powerful output and reporting options

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