Analytica Optimizer is the highest edition level of Analytica.  In includes all Enterprise features, plus the addition of powerful solver engines.  It discovers decision values that minimize or maximize any quantified objective, subject to constraints.  Or, in cases where an objective quantity is not present, it finds feasible solutions within constraint boundaries.  It handles Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, and general Non-Linear Programming, and automatically distinguishes among all of them.  Decision variables can  be continuous, semi-continuous, discrete (Integer or Boolean), or mixed.  Best of all, Analytica optimizer seamlessly integrates optimization capability with all of Analytica's core features including Monte Carlo simulation and Intelligent Arrays, simplifying model structure and improving visual accessibility. 

Analytica Optimizer comes standard with Frontline Software’s Premium Solver package of solver engines to handle all types of optimization problem: Linear (LP), Quadratic (QP), and Non-Linear (NLP).  This package contains three engines:

1. LP/Quadratic
2. GRG Nonlinear
3. Evolutionary

Analytica Optimizer can automatically choose the solver engine to match the problem, detecting whether it is linear, quadratic, or more complex. It supports Continuous as well as Mixed-Integer and Semi-Continuous variable domains.  (Semi-continuous variables can take on values within a bounded range or be zero.)  The standard engine package supports up to 8,000 variables and 8,000 constraints for LP and convex QP problems, or 500 variables and 250 constraints for NLP problems.  

For faster performance or larger numbers of variables and constraints, you can add in premium engines, including XPRESS from FICO, Gurobi, Mosek, KNITRO and OptQuest. These are some of the most powerful solver engines available in the World. They plug directly into Analytica Optimizer with full integration of all features, including uncertainty, dynamic simulation, and Intelligent Arrays.It's a complete decision solution that combines solving power, scalability, and ease of use like no other optimization platform can. Electronic download and PDF copies of Manuals. 

Major features and capabilities include:


Compare Editions

Analytica Professional
Analytica Enterprise
Create and edit models with more than 101 user objects.
Watermarks appear on diagrams, graphs, images and print outs
Influence diagrams
Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis
Intelligent Arrays™
Function libraries, including maths, probability distributions, stats, financial, matrix, and more.
Create input and output Forms
Share models on the web with Analytica Cloud Player
Read and write spreadsheets and relational databases
Save models as Browse-only and Encrypted
Unlimited index and sample sizes (vs. limit of 32,000)
Time Profiling showing computation time per variable
Solve for linear, quadratic, MIP, and nonlinear optimization