Analytica is a very powerful visual modeling tool using influence diagrams. Designed with advanced simulation and modeling capabilities in mind, it allows for powerful decision modeling an analytics. Using a visual modeling approach you can design your own models as well as applications that can be shared with your peers. If you haven't tried it, you should because you will be impressed with its ease-of-use. Analytica runs models 5 to 10 times faster than spreadsheets. More important, its visual influence diagrams and flexible Intelligent Arrays enable you to develop models up to four times faster. Analytica integrates efficient Monte Carlo for analyzing risk and uncertainty, and direct interaction with spreadsheets. You can quickly create user interfaces. You can build models on the desktop and deploy them instantly on the web using the Analytica Cloud Player (at no extra cost).

Major features and capabilities include:

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Analytica Professional
Analytica Enterprise
Create and edit models with more than 101 user objects.
Watermarks appear on diagrams, graphs, images and print outs
Influence diagrams
Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis
Intelligent Arrays™
Function libraries, including maths, probability distributions, stats, financial, matrix, and more.
Create input and output Forms
Share models on the web with Analytica Cloud Player
Read and write spreadsheets and relational databases
Save models as Browse-only and Encrypted
Unlimited index and sample sizes (vs. limit of 32,000)
Time Profiling showing computation time per variable
Solve for linear, quadratic, MIP, and nonlinear optimization