Full Monte P6 is a high performance cost and schedule risk analysis tool for Oracle Primavera P6. As a standalone application working directly with the P6 data base, there is no need for imports and exports. And it is fast enough to operate directly on your detailed schedule so there is no need to create artificial summary projects.The spreadsheet-style data entry, inheritance of data down the WBS, and user-defined templates allow rapid defintion and allocation of uncertainty no matter how large or complex your project.

All this plus flexible user-definable reports including barcharts, and access to percentiles as well as expected values and standard deviations of cost, duration, early and late dates, free and total float for every task. Histograms and S-curves of all of this data are available at the touch of a button once a simulation has been performed.


10,000 trials on a 10,000-task network takes about 10 minutes on a decent laptop. This means you will not be tempted to do too few trials (and hence get less reliable results) or to use a summary schedule (laying yourself open to systematic bias, as well as the danger of having the simulated schedule diverge from the real one).