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Make SIMUL8 a team sport!

Network licensing


Onsite training

Cost effective

With SIMUL8 Team your licenses can be made available across your entire network to keep your team connected.


Equip your team with the skills needed to make your projects a success with customized on-site or remote training for 6 people.

SIMUL8 Team is the most cost effective way to have multiple SIMUL8 users. Contact a simulation advisor to discuss your needs.

How Does It Work?

SIMUL8 Professional can be installed on any number of PCs that can access the SIMUL8 server licensing controller (installed on the corporation's LAN). When a user starts SIMUL8 on one of these PCs it asks the server for permission to run. The server looks at the total number of SIMUL8 licenses running. If this is less than the number of licenses owned then the user's PC starts SIMUL8. If not, then the user is given a polite message about waiting until later because too few licenses are available.

For users who need to make use of a laptop away from the network there is a process for "logging out" from the server so that the user can make use of one of the licenses while disconnected and traveling.

SIMUL8 Network Features

Wide Area Network options

SIMUL8 can also be installed onto your Wide Area Network. Using FlexLM Technology you can install SIMUL8 across your global network and access the software from any location in the world. This provides you with all the features above, but gives you even more flexibility, allowing you to install the software on multiple PC's, in multiple sites, wherever it's required.

If you would like more info on our Wide Area Network options then contact us on 800 879 8440

System Requirements SIMUL8 Network

SIMUL8 Network System Requirements for the client (end user) computer are as the main SIMUL8 System Requirements.

In addition the SIMUL8 Network requires file server facilities as follows:

The above do not require any specific server operating system.  Any operating system that can serve files is sufficient.  There is no minimum speed requirement.