Monte-Carlo Simulation and Optimization for Excel 32/64bit

Crystal Ball Example ModelOracle Crystal Ball +Decision Optimizer is the easiest way to perform Monte Carlo simulation, optimization and time series analysis in your own Excel spreadsheets and models. Crystal Ball automatically calculates thousands of different "what if" cases, saving the inputs and results of each calculation as individual scenarios. Analysis of these scenarios reveals the range of possible outcomes, their probability of occurring, which input has the most effect on your model and where you should focus your efforts.


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Categories of Distributions


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Monte Carlo Simulation


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Tornado Analysis


CB Tools


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Multiple, Stepwise, and Forward Linear Regression


Extreme Speed



Global Optimization - Stochastic



Global Optimization - Deterministic



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VBA Macros for OptQuest

VBA Macros for CB Predictor


Operational within Oracle EPM Workspace





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